Effective Immediately, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA's) are not required in an Assisted Living Level 2.


The Utah Assisted Living Association is excited to announce that Utah’s Bureau of Licensing and Certification has just implemented a new rule change that removes the CNA requirement for assisted living direct care personnel.

This requirement has been removed in exchange for a more detailed orientation training requirement (detailed below).

Labor shortages continue to plague assisted living providers throughout the United States. Utah’s assisted living providers are no exception to this growing trend. With state unemployment currently sitting at 2.8%, recruiting and hiring qualified employees has never been more challenging. Without adequate staffing, assisted living communities at times struggle to maintain the highest levels of quality care, experience increased levels of turnover and overtime, and can ultimately lose good employees due to burn out.

In response to the growing labor shortage, the Utah Assisted Living Association’s board of directors met with leadership from Utah’s Bureau of Health Facility Licensing and Certification and proposed that the CNA requirement for direct-care employees be removed in exchange for more intensive and detailed orientation training requirements.

This proposed rule change was received with strong support from the Bureau of Health Facility Licensing and Certification and was recently approved and ratified by the Utah’s Rules Committee.

Here are the updated direct-care employee orientation requirements:

R432-270-8 rule FINAL 8.20.19_Page_1.jpg
R432-270-8 rule FINAL 8.20.19_Page_2.jpg
R432-270-8 rule FINAL 8.20.19_Page_3.jpg